**Mythic Name Rosas as Teams 1st Captain** *Founder's Field -* As the Season 9 Draft approaches, the Mythic took the opportunity to announce SS Biddles Rosas as the franchises 1st captain. During a tumultuous first season for the franchise, Rosas made a name for himself becoming the only rookie to make the Season 8 All-Star Roster through his gritty play. "Grit is something we pride ourselves in and hope to build a culture around here at Founder's. Rosas last year exemplified that quality and we are proud to announce him as our 1st captain," stated Mythic GM Shag. Rosas' work in the offseason hammered home his work ethic in the minds of the Mythic front office. "Significant strides have been made with his bat," noted one of the Mythic's Scouts. The Mythic hope this new leadership role in the clubhouse breeds a culture of hard work and grit in an effort to reverse their fortunes from last season.
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